Stone Floor Cleaning & Restoration

Stone Floor Cleaning & Restoration

Natural stone floor polishing, cleaning & restoration services

Stone Floor Cleaning & Restoration. Natural stone includes things like marble worktops and granite flooring. These are durable and tough surfaces that look amazing. But occasionally, they can run into problems. This is when you need an expert in natural stone restoration to help.

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Peter Forsythe
Peter Forsythe
19:18 16 Mar 21
We had a few quotes to restore our tired looking limestone floor. From the quotes we received we found Artur to be the most professional and knowledgeable about what we were looking for.Artur cleaned, polished and sealed our floor and I must say it looks better than it ever has, even than the day... it was first laid.Unbelievable results, we are so happy and this has saved us so much money as we were talking about ripping up the tiles and starting again. We are so glad we didn't.Well done Concrete & Stone Solutions. I would definitely more
Lisa Bennett
Lisa Bennett
18:39 13 Oct 20
Absolutely in love with my marble floor after concrete and stone solutions have polished it, leaving me with a shine on it that I have never had before. Thank you so much for such an amazing job. Perfection right down to the last tile 😊 was an absolute pleasure to have in my house, grafter! Truly... knows the meaning of elbow grease!!! 100% satisfiedread more
David Markham
David Markham
17:56 13 Oct 20
We employed Artur to clean our kitchen limestone floor which had been down for 3 years.We found Artur to be extremely professional and friendly. He is not only very knowledgeable about how to clean and maintain natural stone floors, but he is clearly very enthusiastic about his work too. Not only... did he do an excellent job of cleaning the stone and especially the grout, but he also left us with extra cleaning materials and expert tips on how to keep our floor in good condition. Artur was very pleasant and trustworthy to have in our house and we would highly recommend more
John Young
John Young
19:43 20 Aug 20
My travertine floor tiles in my kitchen and conservatory were looking rather tired and needed some tlc. Artur came to the rescue and cleaned, rinsed many times, afterwards sealed the tiles to stop further dirt and water from impregnating the tiles, he then honed the tiles to get them back to a... smooth finish as they were when new. The end result was a satin type sheen which brought out the natural features of the tiles. Artur worked very hard and his attention to detail and quality was second to non and I would not hesitate to recommend him. A great job!read more
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There is a reason so many business and homes use natural flooring, it can look stunning if cared for correctly. We offer a professional service that ensures your floors and worktops stay looking exceptional for longer.

When you have natural stone flooring, worktops or even outside areas such as patios or driveways, it is important that you have an expert to handle problems. Using the right cleaning products or systems is key to restoring the stunning look of the stone and ensuring it continues to do its job for years to come.

Stone Floor Cleaning & Restoration
Natural stone floor restoration

Common natural stone problems

  • Wear and tear – constant use can lead to wearing of the material, no matter how tough and this can create uneven areas or wear through protective seals
  • Damage to seals – most materials have seals on them that act as an extra protective layer but using the wrong cleaning materials can erode this or remove patches
  • Stains – stain removal is one of the most common issues that we face because no matter how tough, almost all materials can be impacted by stains if they are left untreated
  • Grout issues – grouting is the stuff between tiles and is a potential weak spot that can cause discolouration or even break up and lead to slight movement

Handling these problems is something that needs to be done by an expert. It will often involve stripping, polishing and sealing the floors as well as careful stain removal to ensure the flooring is restored to its former beautiful condition.

Stone Floor Cleaning & Restoration

Stone Floor Cleaning & Restoration

Perhaps the best way to look at the different kinds of stain removal and restoration work that can be done is to look at some of the most popular types of natural stone floor and what solutions work best for them.

blankMarble floor restoration
Marble creates a stunning look for natural flooring, but there are a few problems that you could encounter. The majority of these have simple ways to solve the problem when you know what to do.
One of the most common issues is that marble attracts dirt and soil easily – this applies to both flooring and worktops. This can sometimes be due to incorrect seals or polishes being added during the finishing process. Or sometimes these have been removed during regular cleaning. The restoration process will involve removing the old seals and adding new ones.
Chips or cracks in marble may seem like a catastrophic issue, but there are ways to restore this. There are lots of reasons why marble can chip or crack from being laid on a floor that was not completely dry to something heavy being dropped on them.

blankLimestone floor restoration
Limestone brings a timeless look to kitchen floors and is relatively easy to maintain. There are a few common issues that can occur and need attention to keep it looking its best.
Dull spots and etching are two of the most common problems with limestone floors. This happens when chemical abrasives and acidic cleaners are used and etch into the limestone. However, experts in natural stone flooring can quickly remedy the problem and restore the look.
Stain removal with limestone needs to draw out the cause of the discolouration from the stone and allow it to look smart again. Sometimes renovation work will include adding a new seal to the surface to help protect against future stains.

blankTravertine floor restoration
Travertine is a type of limestone that is usually white, cream or tan coloured, occasionally coming in rusty shades. It offers a classic and timeless look to a room but faces issues that are similar to those of limestone floors.
Top of the list is attracting soil and dirt easily, which can lead to discolouration of the lovely shade of the flooring. Restoration will involve removing the stains and applying a new finish to it to ensure the colour stays as it should be.

blankGranite floor restoration
Granite is a very hard rock that is more stain and scratch-resistant than even marble. This means it can withstand a lot of frequent use which makes it an excellent material for flooring and also for things like worktops or even outdoor areas.
There are a few issues that granite can experience. A simple one is where people use a regular water-based floor finish on the stone that doesn’t allow it to ‘breathe’ and over time, creates a milky white powder on the surface. Having the right cleaning products and an expert to do it for you is always the best approach.

blankSlate floor restoration
Slate floor tiles has been used inside and outside homes for centuries. It is a common material for worktops and floors. It is very strong and durable with a range of natural colours and requires little in the way of specialist maintenance.
Occasionally, seals added to slate to further protect it can deteriorate, and this can allow dirt and soil to be attracted. In this case, the best option is to strip the old seals entirely and reseal the floor or worktop.

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