Stone Floor Renovation & Concrete Polishing

Travertine floor renovation, limestone floor renovation,
granite floor renovation, marble floor renovation, basalt floor renovation
Stone Floor Renovation

Stone floor renovation. Accidents happen, and even the toughness of natural stone can’t withstand everything.  If there is damage to your stone floor, we can help with renovation and restoration, which can be substantially cheaper than having to replace the floor entirely.

Travertine  floor cleaning, limestone floor cleaning,
granite floor cleaning, marble floor cleaning, basalt floor cleaning
Stone Floor Cleaning

It is not unusual for natural stone floors to lose their lustre over time or look a bit discoloured.  But the good news is Concrete & Stone Solutions has a range of treatments to get your stone floors looking smart and shining once more and keep them that way for longer.

Polished Concrete
Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is the best way to get your concrete floor looking amazing but takes specialist knowledge and equipment.  Here at Concrete & Stone Solutions, we have the facilities to easily clean and polish your concrete floor to restore that high shine.

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Specialising in natural stone and concrete polishing, cleaning and restoration

If you have natural stone floor , or have gone for the polished concrete option, then you have sturdy and classy looking flooring that has a long lifespan and needs only minimal maintenance.  But there are occasions and situations where you need a little something more than a quick clean.

That’s where we come in.  As experts in natural stone cleaning and restoration as well as concrete polishing, we offer the kind of specific services you need for your floors.  Our services are based on the very latest products and approaches and involve tested systems and the latest innovations.

We are happy to work with clients both locally and across the UK.  Our services are perfect for domestic properties but also valuable to our commercial customers.  We have worked on large projects that have taken weeks to complete due to the size, so nothing is too big or too small for us to tackle.

stone floor renovation

How does it work?

Our job is to clean, polish or restore your floors and that means we need to know a little about them.  We offer free, no-obligation quotes to get some information about the flooring, the type of material and the problem.  For example:

  • Is it that your concrete is looking dull? 
  • Has your stone floor picked up some damage or become uneven?
  • Or maybe there’s a stain appeared, and your regular cleaning process isn’t removing it?

With any of these issues, we have systems we can use to restore the shine, remove the stain or renovate the floor to clear the damage. 

We can also work on the areas around the main flooring that can lead to weak spots.  Top of that list is any grouting used to keep the flooring in place.  This can wear over time with constant movement or can be damaged accidentally.  Part of our services is to handle grouting issues and replace them if needed.

The other issue we often encounter is a problem with the seals on floors.  Most materials will have some seal on them to help protect against stains.  This can wear away over time and lead to a weak spot on the surface.  We can restore those seals to ensure your flooring remains solid and protected against any stain.

If your flooring is no longer even, we can use our expertise to grind the flooring to not only level the floor but also to give it a fresh finish.

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