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Liquid screed. Floor screeding is an exciting step in the floor laying process. Similarly to concrete, it creates a solid subfloor – the perfect base for your floor covering. As well as leaving you with a quick-drying, even subfloor, it also ensures fixtures like underfloor heating pipes, electrics and soil pipes are fully encased so that your covering can be laid successfully.

Whether for large commercial establishments or domestic projects, floor screeding will provide you with a strong, solid foundation for your floor, allowing for the ideal finish.

But what is floor screeding, and why is it used?  

The Liquid Screed Process

Floor screeding involves applying a blended mixture of anhydrite or cement to a floor base. By doing so, a solid sub-level is created, providing the ideal base for any type of floor covering.

While a floor screed isn’t structural or necessary when it comes to completing your floor, it is a popular choice for those who require a high finish and reassurance that any underfloor systems are protected and working to their optimum capacity.

Liquid Screed

What is the Purpose?

A floor screed will act as your subfloor. Similarly to concrete, it ensures an even, level surface for your floor covering to be applied to. It is also far less risky than concrete in terms of imperfections – liquid screed will be pumped evenly into the room, creating a smooth, level surface, free from dips or grooves.

With particular types of floors, such as precast concrete beam or block floors, floor screeding may be more beneficial than a concrete subfloor as it eliminates issues caused by a distinct camber that characterises both of these floor types.

Another popular purpose for applying a liquid floor screed is to make the most of underground heating systems. The material used in floor screeding absorbs and conducts the heat, warming the room and ensuring the heating system is able to reach its full potential. It also ensures that the heating pipes are 100% encased and protected, increasing their longevity.

One of the main benefits of a floor screed is that it works up to 75mm, meaning the level of your flooring can be brought right up to meet doorways. Drying times are also cut, with a curing time of just 21 days for liquid cement base screed and 51 days for anhydrite screed.

If a perfect, even subfloor is what you’re looking for, a floor screed could be the perfect option for your establishment.

floor screeding

Preparing your Existing Flooring

Preparing your floor for its screed is perhaps the most important step. If not done to a high quality, it can leave the screed looking uneven, impacting the final finish of your floor covering.

At Concrete and Stone Solutions, we’ll ensure that your floor is properly prepared by starting the floor screed process by:

  • Removing any debris from the existing floor
  • Creating a slip layer to prevent leakage of the screed before setting
  • Installing edging strips around the edges and corners of the wall
  • Seal any shuttering across doorways or steps
  • Seal any pipe ducts or holes

By preparing your existing floor in this way, we’ll ensure that the screed works effectively and leaves you with the very best result and the perfect foundation for your floor covering.

There are several different types of floor screed, all offering different benefits but with the same high-quality result. These include:

  • Anhydrite and Liquid Cement
  • Thermal Performance Screed
  • Extra Strength Screed
  • Bonded Screed
  • Floating Screed

Why Concrete and Stone Solutions?

With so many floor screeding options available, Concrete and Stone Solutions are on hand to provide you with the perfect option for your establishment. Our experts will assess your existing flooring before using our high-tech equipment and honed skillset to prepare your floor and seamlessly lay your floor screed. We’ll finish it to the highest quality, leaving you with the perfect base for your floor covering.

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We currently offer national coverage for our floor screeding service, providing customers all over the country with smooth, even screed to give their floor the best look possible. Whether you require our floor screed service for a commercial establishment or domestic, please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information.

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