Kitchen Counter Top Polishing

Kitchen Counter Top Polishing. There are many surfaces in your home that require a little extra attention every now and again, and Concrete and Stone Solutions is fully-equipped to restore and refurbish each and every one.

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Peter Forsythe
Peter Forsythe
19:18 16 Mar 21
We had a few quotes to restore our tired looking limestone floor. From the quotes we received we found Artur to be the most professional and knowledgeable about what we were looking for.Artur cleaned, polished and sealed our floor and I must say it looks better than it ever has, even than the day... it was first laid.Unbelievable results, we are so happy and this has saved us so much money as we were talking about ripping up the tiles and starting again. We are so glad we didn't.Well done Concrete & Stone Solutions. I would definitely more
Lisa Bennett
Lisa Bennett
18:39 13 Oct 20
Absolutely in love with my marble floor after concrete and stone solutions have polished it, leaving me with a shine on it that I have never had before. Thank you so much for such an amazing job. Perfection right down to the last tile 😊 was an absolute pleasure to have in my house, grafter! Truly... knows the meaning of elbow grease!!! 100% satisfiedread more
David Markham
David Markham
17:56 13 Oct 20
We employed Artur to clean our kitchen limestone floor which had been down for 3 years.We found Artur to be extremely professional and friendly. He is not only very knowledgeable about how to clean and maintain natural stone floors, but he is clearly very enthusiastic about his work too. Not only... did he do an excellent job of cleaning the stone and especially the grout, but he also left us with extra cleaning materials and expert tips on how to keep our floor in good condition. Artur was very pleasant and trustworthy to have in our house and we would highly recommend more
John Young
John Young
19:43 20 Aug 20
My travertine floor tiles in my kitchen and conservatory were looking rather tired and needed some tlc. Artur came to the rescue and cleaned, rinsed many times, afterwards sealed the tiles to stop further dirt and water from impregnating the tiles, he then honed the tiles to get them back to a... smooth finish as they were when new. The end result was a satin type sheen which brought out the natural features of the tiles. Artur worked very hard and his attention to detail and quality was second to non and I would not hesitate to recommend him. A great job!read more
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Kitchen Counter Top Polishing

Damage to kitchen countertops is inevitable; with frequent use and the possibility of kitchen accidents (we’ve all done it!) like staining, burns, chips and scratches, your countertops can be left looking tired and unattractive.

Here at Concrete and Stone Solutions, we know how important your kitchen countertops are, and how expensive they can be to replace! That’s why we’ll use a combination of experience and expertise to fill in any chips or scratches, remove staining or burn marks and recolour the damaged areas. We’ll polish it up to finish, meaning that you’re left with kitchen countertops completely restored to their former glory.

Kitchen Counter Top Polishing
Pefectly polished marble dinning table

Natural Stone Fireplace Polishing

There are plenty of opportunities for damages to occur to your natural stone fireplace, particularly with consistent use. Intricate carvings and textured stone can accumulate cracks and chips, while stubborn soot stains can tarnish the overall appearance of your fireplace. While DIY solutions are out there, supermarket cleaning products can cause adverse reactions in specific stone, meaning that a professional refurbishment is the safest option. 

Concrete and Stone Solutions will investigate the damage to your fireplace, as well as the type of stone before deciding on the correct methods and products to achieve optimum results. We’ll fill in any cracks or chips, restore carvings and remove ugly soot stains before applying a sealer to secure and protect your fireplace from future damage.

A fireplace is the heart of the home, and with Concrete and Stone Solutions, you’ll ensure that yours remains in perfect condition for years to come.

Dinning and Coffee Table Polishing

Although not fixed permanent features in your home like kitchen countertops or fireplaces, tables are often victims to surface damage that can be difficult to rectify. Scratches, watermarks, burns and discolouration can look unsightly and unfortunately, no amount of polishing will reverse them!

At Concrete and Stone Solutions, we use effective but gentle products to fill in scratches and will use a keen eye to perfectly match the colour of the wood when removing burn and watermarks, leaving your tables looking as good as new!

For more information on any of our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please also check our blog.

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