Laitance Removal

Here at Concrete & Stone Solutions, our laitance removal service is designed to remove unwanted top layer of screed with care and precision. This will ensure that your subfloor is clean, perfectly flat and ready for your chosen flooring to be added.

The secret to a well-laid floor is quality floor preparation.

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But what is laitance? And why is its removal so important?

What is Laitance?

When a floor screed is laid, a layer on the surface called laitance is formed on the top as the anhydrite begins to cure. This layer is made up of fine particles, aggregates and cement.

Sometimes, the layer of laitance resembles dust, but occasionally it can appear thicker, forming a weak, crumbly layer that will impact the final finish of the floor if not removed.

Because laitance has a tendency to crumble, it is too weak to apply flooring like tiles, engineered wood or other onto it and may even slow down drying times, impacting the overall floor laying process. This is why it is so vital to ensure the laitance removal step is carried out correctly.

The Laitance Removal Process

7 to 14 days is the optimum time for removing laitance. By this time, the screed will be well into the curing process, and the extent of the laitance layer easier to establish.

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Then begins the removal process. Here at Concrete and Stone Solutions, we use a grinding method to remove laitance. Grinding is one of the quickest and most effective ways of removing laitance. It also works brilliantly for areas that require more precision. Our grinding machines allow us to have a high level of control, meaning processes like edge detailing are easier to complete.

Our highly skilled team will use our top of the range grinding equipment to remove laitance safely and effectively, leaving you with a surface that is fully prepared for its floor covering to be laid.  

Additional Floor Preparation Services

Here at Concrete and Stone Solutions, we know how vital the floor preparation process is.

Particularly where old floor coverings have been removed, there can be issues with the uneven subfloor that would make a new floor installation very difficult.

For example, a recent job we completed required us to grind down an area of the concrete subfloor that had been filled in where a larger fireplace had been replaced with a smaller one. This meant that one section of the concrete subfloor was around 12mm higher than the rest, making a new floor installation impossible.

Concrete and Stone Solutions were tasked with grinding down the uneven surface, leaving it level and ready for its floor covering.

laitance removal service

We’re also able to carry out a similar process when it comes to preparing a surface from which carpet has been removed. We use specialist equipment to remove old bitumen and adhesives, again ensuring your subfloor is clean, perfectly flat and prepared for the laying of the floor covering.

Why Concrete and Stone Solutions?

Our team of experts will go above and beyond to ensure you’re provided with the best floor preparation service possible. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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